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(This is not a money making business, this is a genuine way of helping the teams to find an umpire)


Question: Once a Rent-An-Umpire request is made, can it be withdrawn? Will the money be fully refunded?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. You cannot withdraw your request. We want the teams to use DCL Rent-An-Umpire as a last option. Once all your options are exhausted then only, please submit your Rent-An-Umpire Request to DCL. We dont want to spend any time looking into your request or work on any type of refunds as it is time consuming. Once a request is made to DCL [dclumpires] and the Rental umpiring fees are paid DCL will only refund the amount if we are not able to find any umpires for your requests or look at the Refund Policy below. We are just trying to help teams find rental umpires as a courtesy.

Rent-An-Umpire should always be the last option. Ideally no teams / individual should Rent-An-Umpire. Every team should mandate their teammates and should be very clear with them when they join the team about umpiring assignments. As soon as the complete schedule is published/released by DCL Management for the season, the Team Captain/Vice Captain/Manager should assign their teammates the umpiring assignments. If they are not ready to do the umpiring the team Captain/Vice-Captain/Manager should ask them to try the Rent-An-Umpire Option by making the payment to DCL [see details below on how to make the payment]

Question: I have paid for a Rental Umpire request; will DCL guarantee that they will find us an Umpire?

Ans: AbsolutelyNOT !!! , DCL will help the teams in finding a Rental Umpire from its pool of Umpires depending on their availability. If DCL cannot find an umpire by Friday 10:00 am, a full refund will be issued to the requesting teams by the following Wednesday. It then becomes the requesting team’s responsibility to arrange for their own umpire and fulfill their umpiring assignment.

Question: How will the individual requesting a rental umpire know if DCL Management has found an umpire for his request?

Ans: You need to have a facebook account and must be a member of DCL’s Official Facebook Group. Check the official DCL Facebook Group by 10:00 am Friday. DCL will post the list of all the requests received / processed and publish the name of the assigned umpire for each request. If in that list you don’t see any umpire for you request then it becomes the requesting individual/team’s responsibility to arrange for their own umpire and fulfill their umpiring assignment. If you don’t see a post on the DCL Facebook group then please try to reach out to the DCL organizers. If you are not able to contact DCL Organizers then please go ahead and do your own umpiring. Later on ask DCL for a full refund.

Join the DCL Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dallascricketleague

Become a member of DCL Official Facebook Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/dallascricket/

Question: How large is the DCL’s Rent-An-Umpire pool?

Ans: DCL has about 90+ Rent–An-Umpires [certified + non-certified] who have shown interest in umpiring DCL games. This list keeps on increasing.

Refund Policy:

If City notifies DCL Management in advance [by 4pm on Friday] about the ground condition [not playable due to heavy rains or any other reason] DCL Management will Refund the full amount to the requesting team.

In case DCL Management doesn’t get notified and the assigned Rental Umpire(s) have to make a decision by going to the ground for inspection, requesting team will not be refunded instead the assigned Rental umpire will be fully paid since he had to travel to the ground.

Rental Umpire Prices:

Effective September 01, 2016 a processing fees of $2.00 will be applicable to the prices listed below. If a team or an individual is requesting more than one umpire, then the processing fees will be applicable for each umpiring request.

Contact: DCL
Phone: 469-608-0DCL or 469-608-0DCL
Email: dclumpires@gmail.com

Rates: For Requests Made On or Before Wednesday 5PM
Russell Creek Grounds, Alma Ground, UTD Ground $40 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $42
Any Other Ground: $45 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $47

Rates: For Requests Made After 5PM Wednesday and Before Friday 8AM
Russell Creek Grounds, Alma Ground, UTD Ground $45 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $47
Any Other Ground: $50 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $52

Rates: For Requests Made After Friday 8AM
Russell Creek Grounds, Alma Ground, UTD Ground $55 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $57
Any Other Ground: $60 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $62

Rates: For Requests Made After Friday 10PM before Saturday 10PM
Russell Creek Grounds, Alma Ground, UTD Ground $60 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $62
Any Other Ground: $65 + $2 [Processing Fees] = Total $67

Tips are welcome !!!

Information required to be listed in the DCL Pool of Umpires:

Question: I am interested in umpiring DCL / DLCL games please let me know the process on how do I get notified about these Rental Umpire Requests.

Ans: Interested player must send an email to dclumpires@gmail.com Please mention the following in your email

1) Your First Name: and Last Name

2) Your Cell Phone Number

3) Your Email address

4) Are you a Certified Umpire Or a Non Certified Umpire

5) PayPal ID

How to request a Rent-An-Umpire:

This email address (dclumpires@gmail.com) is exclusively made for the DCL/DLCL teams to Rent-An-Umpire. Teams who would like to use this method has to follow the process laid out below.

Step 1)
Make the Payment to DCL

Use the above information to calculate the umpiring fees according to the timings and the grounds mentioned.

Payment Option 1: Using your teamslogin/password on dcl or dlcl websites (Without the payment DCL will not look for an umpire).

Payment Option 2: If you have paypal account, then you can pay to dclbank@gmail.com

Step 2) Once a payment is made then you should send an email to dclumpires@gmail.comwith the following Information.

Game Type: DCL (Tape Ball) / DLCL (Leather Ball)
Game Between:
Which Team is Requesting:
Umpiring Request: (Certified or Non Certified)
Amount Paid:
Time the Request was made

Step 3) Once the payment is made and an email is sent to dclumpires@gmail.com send a text to 832-898-4087 Do mention the Name of the team Requesting to Rent-An-Umpire in the text.

Step 4) We will then go ahead and try to find an umpire for your request.

See the Sample Request below

Date: 2/14/2015
Time: 12 pm to 4 pm
Game Type: DLCL (Leather Ball)
Game Between: Team ‘A’ Vs Team ‘B’
Ground: Russell Creek G5 
Which Team is Requesting: Team Z
Umpiring Request: Certified
Amount Paid: $42
Request Made on: February 11 before 5pm Wednesday

Question: DCL Management I as a registered Umpire on dclumpires@gmail.com already requested for an umpire assignment but why someone else is assigned to that request?

Answer: Umpires are assigned on a first come first served basis, if you are not assigned to your request then, Either, someone else has responded to that request before you. Or, you are a non certified umpire requesting for a certified umpire assignment.

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