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Blue Star Cricket Club v/s Force Eleven match incident - Disciplinary Action

Dear DCL members,

There was an incident that took place during the game between Blue Star Cricket Club and Force Eleven on 9/21/2014. The organizing committee requested incident report from each of the umpires and the team captains. After verifying the facts, disciplinary actions have been initiated by the organizing committee and, details are being sent to all the captains and vice captains within the league and are being published on the DCL website; the captains are encouraged to share this information with all their team members to make them aware of the consequences of NOT complying with the DCL Rules /By-Laws and engaging in un-sportsman like conduct on the field.

DCL Rule - Mankading (Bowler attempting to run-out non-striker before delivery)

There will be a single one time warning for the TEAM by the umpire and the main umpire must inform the square leg umpire. After the first warning to the team / player, the bowler is permitted, before releasing the ball to attempt to run out the non-striker. Officially umpire can give out if the teams appeal. We do not tolerate the non-striker to take advantage before releasing the ball with in the popping crease.
Actions / Behavior under Review:
1. Blue Star Cricket Club decided to forfeit their game against Force Eleven when one of their batsman at the non-striker's end was given out by the umpire, as the bowler ran him out (Mankad) for leaving the crease too early before the bowler delivered the ball. It was noted that this was the second attempt by the same batsman after he was run-out by the bowler earlier in the innings, which resulted in umpire giving him the 'first' warning and allowing him to continue batting.
2.Players from both the teams engaged in extended arguments with the umpires over the above mentioned run-out calls and also on 'wide' calls, disputing the DCL rules and undermining the umpires' decisions.  

Disciplinary actions:

The organizing committee reviewed in detail the match reports sent by the umpires and the captains regarding the incidents, discussed in detail the repercussions of such incidents and the ways and means to curtail such incidents going forward. The outcome of the organizing committee discussions and decisions are outlined below.

1. The Blue Star Cricket Club has been penalized with deduction of 4 points in addition to considering the forfeited game as a loss, in accordance with the DCL By-law 21-f

2. The Blue Star Cricket Club team captain, Dharmesh Rana, has been suspended for 1 game for forfeiting the game and, for his inability to control his team members during the game thus, not fulfilling the captain's responsibilities.

3. The captains and all the payers of Force Eleven Team as well as Blue Star Cricket Club are hereby issued a stern warning:
         - NOT to undermine the umpires' position or authority by questioning their decisions /Calls
         - TO comply with the DCL rules and By-laws. 
         - TO abide by the DCL code of conduct /behavior expectations    

Final Thoughts: 

The committee sincerely hopes that the punishments will act as enough deterrent for players and teams to refrain from such unruly actions/behavior on the field. We are sure that all the teams in the league WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE TEAMS RESPECT THE RULES AND PARTICIPATE  IN THE TRUE SPIRIT OF SPORTSMANSHIP.
The purpose of this email to all the teams is to make sure every team is aware of and abide by the DCL rules/by-laws all the time while playing in the league and enjoy the game that we all love so much! 

Dallas Cricket League

Important Points to note from the DCL By-Laws:
Umpires decisions are final and binding during the game. Arguing or intimidating the umpire is NOT ACCEPTABLE and could lead to severe disciplinary actions against players as well as teams including, but, not limited to suspension and penalty (both monetary and points deduction)

We strongly discourage any physical or verbal(direct or implied) attack by a player(s) against: A) The umpire B) Other cricketers C) The stumps, ball or other cricket gear D) Spectators.Guilty players will be ejected by the umpires and may get suspended for 1 or more games. No substitutes will be allowed for the ejected player. If the player refuses to leave the field, the team will be penalized with forfeiture of the match.The teams that engage in such unruly behavior will be penalized with deduction of 4 points. The organizing committee’s decision on such matters will be final and binding on all teams.

While the game is underway, If a team forfeits a game because of disputes or any other reason,the team will be penalized with 4 points deduction in addition to considering that forfeited game as a loss.

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