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Chauka Cheat Sheet (Good Tips for All the IOS Users)

(Do Not use your Personal Facebook logins or Email address to Login)

Login credentials will be provided on the Chauka App by DCL/DLCL Organizers until then Do Not Login as an individual or a team using your email address of Facebook, this will create duplicate players in the Chauka Database!!!

We will soon send every team their login/password with all their Team Members Full Name Name and Unique Chauka Player ID.

Quick Tips for scoring Please pass on the following tips for team scorers.

·        Download app from Appstore

        You can also update the latest Version of the Chauka APP HERE Appstore

·        Log in with the credentials provided on the Chauka App by DCL/DLCL Organizers

(Do Not use your Personal Facebook logins or Email address to Login)

·        Click on your match and select who won the toss

·        To score you just need to press the score in that ball

·        To score an extra and a run (Wide + 1), just click Wide, then select from the possibilities

·        To change bowler or batsmen just tap on settings button beside the player name

·        To change striker tap on BAT symbol beside player to non-striker

·        To retire a batsmen select “Retired Hurt” from ‘out how’ list.

·        To end innings or Change Max Overs tapon ‘More’ for options.

·        Players can do unlimited Undo’s

·        You can add new players on mobile from “Next Bowler” selection drop down or “Next Batsmen” drop down by clicking on “+ Add/Remove players” > Add New player > Enter details. Click “OK”. 

Detailed Tips for using Chauka mobile app:

Adding players to teams:

In home screen, tap on “+” button ,select home team and press “View and edit” option beside field where we can see list of Players, there you can “Add New Player” or ”Add Existing Players” and Click “Save Team”

Sharing stats:

Anytime you can click on share button beside globe symbol on the top of ball-by-ball screen to share current match status on FB.

End Innings:

If for any reason match is stopped you can select “End Innings” from ‘More’ on ball-by-ball screen and end innings.


There is only one sure way to learn to score and that is to PRACTICE


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