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DCL Jaguars [Team for September 2016 Central USA Premier League]

Date: September 3rd-5th 2016 Houston
Coach: Mark Demos
Manager: Vamsi Krishna Chada

After lot of discussion and analysis, DCL Selection committee finalized these 18 players for our Up coming intercity tournament.

1) Jeevan Gogineni [Captain]
2) Pankaj Kampli [Vice Captain]
3) Abhay Annaswamy
4) Ajinkya J. Paikine [Wicket Keeper]
5) Ali Mohammed Samad [Under 19 player]
6) Ankit Khera
7) Ashadullah Khan
8) Bhuvan Recherla
9) Chiranjeevi Saikanth Akunuri
10) Dharmesh Tyagi
11) Fahad Shahnawaz
12) Subramanya Gowtham Pedapudi
13) Harish Krishnakumar
14) Koushik Jayakumar
15) Ninad Nimbalkar
16) Ravikiran Kanumuri
17) Sanil Manohar Meshram [Under 19 player]
18) Vivek Arora

DCL Selection Committee
Kuljit-Singh Nijjar
Mark Demos
Srinivasa Rao Kilaparti
Upendra Kulkarni
Vamsi Krishna Chada

Message From Coach Mark Demos

DCL Select Team and Development Players.  I want to congratulate each of you who have been selected by the DCL Selection Committee.  To those players who have not been selected I want to encourage you to keep working hard.  Teams are chosen for a number of reasons including: ballance, need for specific positions, getting players experience, seeing if certain players will be able to excel or perform at a higher level than league competition, etc.  Not being included in this current team does not mean you  will not be considered for future competitions.  I as your coach and the coaching staff are still looking at and assessing Talent and players.  This takes time.  There are players who have been coming to practice and have worked hard.  I encourage you to keep turning up and working hard.  There will be players on this current team who will not perform and you will have an opportunity to see if you can challenge them and make future teams.  So, I ask everyone to work hard.  Turn up.  Play to our strategy.  Be a part of a team and connect with other players.  This is just the start and we have a long way to go as we build the DCL High Performance Program and Select Jags Team.

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