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Happy New Year 2017! We had very successful 2016 and look forward to continue our journey and have another great and fulfilling year for cricket.

Thank you very much for your passion for cricket, excellent participation and your continued support to DCL. We are glad to announce DCL Spring League 2017. 

DCL Spring League 2017 Overview
Overs: 20 (T20 Format)
Tournament Start Date: Saturday, Feb 11 2017
Tournament  End  Date: Sunday, May 14 2017
Team Registration Fee: $400
Registration is Open Now! Click Here To Register for DLCL Leather Ball
Registration closes on Friday, Jan 21 2017.
No late registration requests will be accepted. No exceptions.
Click here to go to the 
registration page! for Leather Ball only ||

Direct Link To Register for Leather Ball only:


Please note that there is a hike of $50 per team registration fees due to the increase in field use permits by the cities. Historically, DCL as a non-profit organization, has been highly reluctant to increase the fees for the teams and keeping the low cost operating model.

ASK: You are requested to go through all the important notes before registering your team.

Important Note 1: Late Registrations will not be entertained even with penalties so please try to abide by the rules and finish your registration prior to the closing date as DCL needs time to report to the cities the team count and insurance

Important Note 2 Before you register, please make sure your team is aware about the Ground situations in the DFW metroplex. DCL has access to various grounds limited by schedules and permits. We have been working hard with the Cities to get more grounds for DCL due to additional demand for cricket in DFWDCL will schedule games fairly to make sure every team gets the ground distribution equally. It means each team will be driving an hour drive (approx. 50+ miles) for few matches. Register only if your team is willing to travel the distance once in a while as per published schedule provided by DCL. The following link list all Grounds that DCL uses to officially schedule the games: 


Important Note 3: As part of registration process, you are required to circulate the Welcome Kit to each player in your team. They must abide by the rules and regulations of DCL http://www.dallascricket.net/Documents/Dallas_Cricket_League_Welcome_Kit_New_Teams.pdf and may required to sign off a waiver document.

Important Note 4 Umpiring Duty /Responsibility
a. Every team needs to take umpiring responsibility VERY seriously and is required to send umpire(s) for their umpiring duty.
b. Swapping umpiring duty between/among teams is strictly prohibited. This is to avoid manipulation and to eliminate unwanted controversies. DCL also avoids putting both umpires from the same team to officiate a game. 
c. Two players sharing 1 umpiring duty is not allowed.
d. If teams make any alternate arrangements for umpiring, they need to notify the organizers and the affected team captains/ vice captains 24 hours before the game.
e. If any team makes alternate arrangements for umpiring, it's their responsibility to make sure the umpire shows - up. If there is no show by the umpire, the originally scheduled team will be penalized. This is to discourage any kind of manipulation by the team that misses umpiring. 
f. Teams will be deducted 2 points for missing each umpiring duty. In addition, there is a monetary fine of $50 for the first offense and $100 for the repeat offense. Team is required to pay the fine within 3 days of the offense; otherwise, they will have to forfeit their next game. Teams will not be allowed to continue further in the tournament until they pay the fine. This penalty may impact the team ranking and may be carried over to the next tournament too.
g. Teams may also get suspended for 1 or more tournaments for repeated missing of their umpiring duty.
h. Teams should ensure that the umpire sent for the umpiring duty has the proper knowledge of ICC and DCL rules and can control the match. DCL also conducts umpiring seminars in DFW to improve the umpiring quality and experience for the teams.
I. If the umpire does not meet the above requirement, the umpiring team will be fined $40/-.This will be decided based on the feedback provided from both the playing captains.

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