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Roles and Responsibilities on Rental Umpiring

Rent A Umpire

Team Captains/Vice Captains/Managers, Please circulate this information with your team members regarding Rental umpire.

Renting Umpire is a service provided to teams who find difficulty finding umpires within teams. DCL doesnot make any money the entire money given by teams goes to Umpires assigned plus Paypal fees.
It is teams responsibility to make sure the umpiring request information sent is accurate, DCL Volunteer WILL NOT verify if the information is incorrect. If the assigned umpire goes to wrong Ground/Time/Date, it's teams mistake not DCL's.
Once posted all umpiring assignments on facebook, it's teams responsibility to check if umpire is assigned, if the post say's pending, requesting team has to send umpire, if team doesn't have any member in DCL FB group, teams should encourage members to join.
If missed umpire is reported, 2 points will be docked no matter what.

Similar situation has occurred last week where Frisco Tigers gave wrong information on umpiring request, instead of 8/10/2019 they put 8/11/2019, and no umpire went to the actual game. On reporting Frisco Tigers has missed umpiring, 2 points will be deducted, which has costed Frisco tigers playoffs spot. Boomstick Mafia has qualified due to the missed umpiring by Frisco Tigers.

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