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Disciplinary Actions against Plano Stars team and their Captain / Player

Disciplinary Actions against Plano Stars team and their Captain / Player

Captains/Vice Captains: Please forward this email to all your players to make sure they adhere to the DCL By-laws / code of conduct all the time, while playing in DCL.

Copy of the Bylaws can be downloaded from the link below



We had an unfortunate situation during the Fall-2021 Leather ball (T20) league Division D game between Dallas Gurkhas Cricket Club and Plano Stars. One of the Plano Stars player that played for Dallas Challengers team earlier in the same league played game for Plano Stars in their DIV D League game. DLCL rules and the bylaws strictly prohibit players playing for more than one team in the same tournament. Hence, the following decisions/actions have been taken by the DCL Management.    

The Div D match between Dallas Gurkhas Cricket Club and Plano Stars has been awarded to Dallas Gurkhas Cricket Club;

1. Effect Immediately , Salim Khoja the player that played for Dallas Challengers (Div F) as well as Plano Stars teams has been suspended from playing DLCL T20 Leather ball for the next 3 games.

2. Noordin Lakhani, being the captain of the Plano Stars team, is suspended for 1  game during this 2021 Summer Div D DLCL T20 league. He will need to sit out the next game of the team. He should have been a role model and should have immediately brought this to DCL Managements attention.

The DCL management understands that this may not be an intentional act by the Plano Stars captain; however, it’s the captain’s responsibility to do the necessary due diligence before recruiting a new player to the team and to make sure the team understands and follows the DLCL Rules and bylaws.
If the Captain or the Vice Captain is not sure about any player who plays in DCL/DLCL they can always send an email to dclmgmt@gmail.com and ask them to check the DCL/DLCL database to find out about the player details. We hope that this will serve as a deterrent to all the teams
and the players to indulge in such activities. DCL Management will not hesitate to take harsher actions to curb such activities by players and captains in order to make the DCL community stronger.

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