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Discipline to be followed on cricket field

Rules to be followed on cricket field:

1) No Smoking on cricket field. All the parks where DCL/DLCL games are conducted have strict rule of no-smoking. All players should obey the law. They should not smoke in the park (This includes Vapes). Players with urge to smoke should leave the park and smoke. 

2) Don't leave trash on cricket field: Guys take Trash cleaning seriously. it is part of being a good citizen...

Gentlemen, Despite repeated warnings of keeping grounds clean before, during and after the game, we have still noticed several offenders. We are still getting reports of trash left on ground from various cities along with cigarette butts. Smoking is strictly prohibited at all cricket grounds. Despite so many warnings, teams continue to litter across the ground and not throw all trash in the trash cans. Due to the complaints lodged by residents near the ground or the city officials, we risk losing grounds permanently. With shortage of grounds already being a burning issue, DCL cannot afford to lose any more grounds.

Therefore, DCL Management has decided to impose penalties for any teams that leave any trash on the ground. All playing teams are responsible for accepting a clean ground form previous match. When you arrive at the ground, if there is any trash lying around, please report to DCL Management immediately with a picture to avoid being penalized. If you do not, and the teams playing after you complain about it,you now become the owner of that trash. There will be a warning and a $30 penalty for first time offense, and a $50 penalty for 2nd offense, $60 for third offense and so on. 

Here is how the process will work:

Game 1 on Saturday morning: Team A vs Team B
Game 2 on Saturday afternoon: Team C vs Team D
Game 3 on Saturday evening morning: Team E vs Team F

Similarly on Sundays ..

If Team F or E sends us a picture of trash on the ground, DCL will consider it left by Teams C & D and penalize them. Teams C & D cannot then argue that it was left by Teams A & B because it was their responsibility to accept a clean ground from previous team. If they did not complain, that means they got a clean ground and did not keep it clean. If Team A or B from Sunday morning game sends pictures of trash on ground, DCL will consider Saturday evening teams E and F has not removed trash from ground.

These penalties will be imposed strictly starting with the Every new season. So please get your players in a habit of throwing trash in the trash cans. With 11 adults in the team, this should not be a difficult task.

let team make complains validated by umpires either outgoing or incoming....

PrePre-game, umpires officially allocate 5 minutes to clean up drive game - requests both teams to participate jointly. 

In - game, both umpires maintain oversight for Trash cleaning principles

Post-game, both team allocates another 5 to 10 minutes ensure there is no trace left and field same or better

How to report a voilation: Take a Picture of the Trash that was left behind and note the Date and Time and send an email to dclmgmt@gmail.com 

The picture leaves a very bad impression. If you dont find enough Trash Cans at the ground doesnt mean that you leave the Trash on the Ground or some where close to the existing Trash Can that is already full. Always carry extra Trash Bags in your team Kit bag. The picture portrays a very bad image of our League and we are Very Serious about this.

3) Do not expose in public: Except 2 grounds (Allen Cricket ground and DFW cricket ground) All parks are equipped with restrooms. DCL is working with City (to get permission) and portable toilet company to install Portable toilet in these two grounds. All other parks/fields players are requested to use toilets provided by city parks and recreations. If any player is reported to be exposing in public DCL could loose the park.

4) Driving car to field: Fortworth cricket field has permitted to park only one car per team on the cricket field to carry Cricket Kit to/from ground. Please follow the rule, no more than one car is allowed to be driven to the ground.

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