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Disciplinary Actions against Players and captains of Panthers Cricket Club, BCA, Lonestar Cricket Cl

Disciplinary Actions against Players and captains of Panthers Cricket Club, BCA, Lonestar Cricket Club:

Weekend of 10/24/2021 and 10/31/2021 we saw some physical altercations between players as a decision, Dallas Cricket League has suspended following players.

Panthers Cricket Club: Paramjeet Singh Gill [1 Game Suspension]
Lonestar Cricket Club: Imran Samsair,  [1 Game Suspension]
Lonestar Cricket Club: Gavin Persaud [2 Game Suspension]
BCA: Rajendra Perni  [1 Game Suspension]

Dallas Cricket league is strict about following rules and language used on the ground. Dallas cricket league has strict rules regarding foul language or abusive behavior. As well as laws and time must be obeyed by all teams.

10/24/2021 Game between: Panthers Cricket club vs Raptors.
Incident: During the game while Panthers Cricket Club was fielding, there were some calls made by umpire which were not agreeable by team, due to small conversation back and forth, Aunik the leg umpire lost his cool and made a generic comment with swearing language about teams discipline which provoked Panthers Wicket keeper Paramnjeet Sing and he rushed aggressively towards the umpire causing a chaos and disturbance to the game. There were claims of hitting or pushing the umpire but could not be confirmed as each party had different story, but there was certainly a fight with swearing in the game. As DCL does not support aggression towards the umpire we also want umpires to follow the rules and must not swear against the teams. As a result DCL management has suspended One Game Paramjeet Singh Gill from Panthers and Hellcats: HM Aunik (Umpire) has been reprimanded. Aunik should have simply said to the player[s] I hear you but we need to move on. When we treat disrespect with respect – you’d be surprised how often the players will pay attention and reciprocate it the next chance they get. What can really be destructive are Umpires who make no attempt to communicate or diffuse situations, This is why arrogant or cocky Umpires can have a tough time to build relationships with the players. The big takeaway here is to approach umpiring jobs with a positive attitude – to be open to building relationships – and to meet disrespect with respect. And if you want to throw a little humor in there too there’s nothing wrong with that.

10/31/2021 Game between: Lonestar Cricket Club vs Stunners.
Incident: Morning 8:30 game was delayed but the overs were not reduced by umpires, neither the breaks were controlled by umpires. The captains of both Stunners and Lonestar Cricket Club too showed no rush to finish the game. The game was to be ended by 12:15 PM. When teams from next game arrived at ground and checked the game will not be completed by 12:15 PM, wanted to check with Leg-Umpire instead of checking with batting team captain (Lonestar Cricket Club), LCC Captain on seeing the captain and few companions entering the field to talk to umpires thought they are entering to stop the game and hence rushed into the ground to push the players back., which caused lots of shouting and disturbance to game in progress, which resulted into scuffle between players of LCC, Cricket Crackers and BCA. The argument could had been avoided and sorted out but confusion and ego caused the scuffle between the teams resulting in injuring of a player. All teams must respect the time allotted to game and umpires must strictly implement the timings, Umpires cannot expect a delayed start and full water and innings break. Games must be completed on time and it's the responsibility of the captains to make sure games are completed on time. In case of delay Umpires must make sure the game is ended by the time allotted. As a result DCL Management has decided to suspend the captains of Lonestar Cricket Club - Imran Samsair and Captain of BCA - Rajendra Perni for 1 game. Also Gavin Persuad involved in scuffle is suspended for 2 games. Lonestar cricket club team can Alternate the suspension between 1 player this weekend and other player next weekend (As it's a very short notice for this weekend). Both Umpires for Lonestar Cricket Club and Stunners are reprimanded for not enforcing time for the game and allowing drinks break at 11:50 when the game was already delayed.

Note for all the Umpires: Please follow DCL rules regarding
 1. Properly regarding attire (Always Shoes and full cloths - No whites)
 2. Make sure the time slots are followed properly and notified teams if they are running late, cut drinks breaks if necessary umpires have full authority if necessary. It's an official break not players break. This is to be implemented only if delay in games.
 3. Umpires must not use abusive language and report any incidents to DCL management to take appropriate actions.

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