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Disciplinary Actions against Players and captains of United Texas Cricket Club:

During the weekend of 11/14/2021 DCL was informed about physical altercations between players which resulted in Dallas Cricket League suspending following players from United Texas Cricket Club.

Ishtiaq Hussain has been suspended for 7 games for Swinging bat at players and arguing with umpires for every decision. The suspension can be combined for both T20 and T30 leather games.
Khursheed Mir - Captain of United Texas Cricket Club is suspended for one game for not able to control his players entering the ground.

In addition, DCL management is requesting an apology letter from Ishtiaq Hussain reflecting on his behavior that led to the altercation. This letter should also contain clear and concise steps that Ishtiaq will take to avoid this from happening in the future. This letter will be communicated to all the players in the league.

Dallas Cricket league expects players to strictly adheres to the rules and guidelines. Dallas cricket league has strict rules regarding foul language or abusive behavior. DCL laws must be obeyed by all teams. DCL Management has reprimanded Dallas-Nepalese XI Pioneer Player Sauraj Pradhan for using foul language during the game and captain Sameer Khatri for not controlling his players foul language.

The game had to be stopped, and Dallas Nepalese XI Pioneer players refused to continue the game due to safety concern. DCL Management has decided to split the points and declare the game as abandoned given the situation.

During this game, DCL also discovered that an umpire was sent to the game who was not certified through another rental group. The team Irving Chargers has been penalized by deducting 2 points and $50 penalty. All teams are encouraged to send certified umpires only for Leather ball games

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