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Disciplinary Actions against Wolves Cricket Club and Westridge Warriors team and Captain


Captains/Vice Captains: Please forward this email to all your players to make sure they adhere to the DCL By-laws/code of conduct all the time while playing in DCL.


A copy of the Bylaws can be downloaded from the link below






We had an situation during the Spring 2023 Leather ball 30 Over league involving a Umpire. One of the Umpires for the game between Wolves Cricket Club and Dynamo CC who was hired by Westridge Warriors team without using DCL Rental group. It was later found the Umpire Rajesh Minnikanti has registered himself as Wolves Cricket Club umpire and his name was on one of the washed-out games as a player. Neither the Umpire or Wolves Cricket Club captain or Vice-Captain informed opponent captain about this situation.


DCL has always mentioned in rule book Umpires are assigned by scheduling committee who are neutral, and any umpire sent for a game must be either member of team or requested from DCL Rent a umpire guidelines. This is to avoid any conflicts during the game.


1.     Since Westridge Warriors cricket club did not follow umpiring assignment policy, this will be treated as missed umpiring and penalty must be paid for Playoffs missed umpiring. Being a playoff game there will be no points docked, had it been a league stage game points would have been docked.

2.     Failure to notify that Rajesh Minnikanti is part of their roaster and his name is added to a washed-out game, Captain of Wolves cricket club (Rajasekar Bolledla) will be suspended from playing 1 (one) game.



Result of the game will not change as the other neutral umpire Mohamad Aziz confirmed that game was played in right spirit other than few arguments on calling of game for light drizzle and it was Aziz’s decision to continue the game. Rajesh Minnikanti being a part of DCL Rental pool has been reprimanded and final warning is issued to avoid taking DCL umpiring’s directly from any team and must avoid any conflicts.


All Teams must take this as a lesson on umpiring assignments.

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