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5/14/2017Chauka Login / Passwords for All the Teams
3/30/2017List of Trophies for Fall 2016 - DCL/DLCL
3/1/2017Complete Spring 2017 DCL / DLCL Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
2/8/2017First Weekend Schedule for DCL/DLCL Spring League 2017
1/5/2017DLCL Spring League registration
9/26/2016Complete DCL/DLCL Fall 2016 Schedule
9/14/2016List of Trophies for Summer 2016 - DCL/DLCL
9/2/2016DCL Jaguars [Team for September 2016 Central USA Premier League]
8/16/2016Umpiring Seminar on Saturday August 20th 2016
6/6/2016DFW Independence Cup 2016
5/19/2016Complete Summer 2016 Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
5/7/2016Certified List of Umpires in DLCL/DCL (Results Updated)
4/29/2016Central US Premier League -2016 Schedule and drawing.xlsx
4/12/2016 DCL Intercity Qualifier 2016
2/19/2016Complete Spring 2016 Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
2/18/2016Umpiring Seminar on Sunday February 28th 2016
2/8/2016Umpiring Seminar on Sunday February 14th 2016
9/21/2015Complete DCL/DLCL Fall 2015 Schedule
9/2/2015Law 24.5 - No-ball - Foot-faults
7/26/2015Umpiring Seminar on August 2nd 2015
6/25/2015DfwT20 Independence Cup
6/17/2015DfwT20 Independence Cup
5/26/2015Complete Summer 2015 Schedule Published DCL and DLCL -updated 06/04/2015
5/12/2015PlayOffs Spring 2015 Schedule Tape/Leather Ball -Updated
4/27/2015DLCL Summer League 2015
4/19/2015Batting and Bowling Statistics for DCL and DLCL Auction List for BIS DLCL Champions League 2015
4/17/2015Auction List for BIS DLCL Champions League 2015
4/10/2015BIS DLCL Champions League 2015
3/2/2015Download VoxWaves App developed by ThemeSoft
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