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2/28/2024Fall 2023 Play off Schedule
2/5/2024Fall 2023 Full Schedule
10/9/2023Summer 2023 Trophy List
10/8/20232023 40 Over Schedule
8/21/2023Summer 2023 Play Off Schedule
7/10/2023Spring 2023 Trophy List
7/10/2023Summer 2023 Full Schedule
6/14/2023Major League Cricket Discounted Ticket for Dallas Cricket League Community
6/11/2023Spring 2023 Playoff Schedule WK6
6/5/2023Disciplinary Action against Lonestar Royals Tape ball team
5/16/2023Disciplinary Actions against Wolves Cricket Club and Westridge Warriors team and Captain
4/27/2023Fall 2022 Trophy List
3/7/2023Spring 2023 Full Schedule
1/1/2023Yuvaraj Gurunathan, fondly called “Yuvi” by his family and friends Passed away on December 31st 2022
11/21/2022Fall 2022 Playoffs Schedule
11/9/2022Disciplinary Actions against Demons leather ball team and their Captain/Player AND ITC leather ball
9/26/2022Disciplinary Actions against It’s time for Cricket(ITC) leather ball team and their Captain / Player
9/11/2022Fall 2022 Full Schedule
8/12/2022Summer 2022 Trophy List
7/31/2022Disciplinary Actions against Shockers tape ball team and their Captain / Player
7/29/2022Additional new teams who were interested to join DCL/DLCL
7/26/2022Spring 2022 Trophy list
7/20/2022Summer 2022 Playoff Schedule
6/19/2022Summer 2022 Full Schedule
4/10/2022Spring 2022 Playoffs Schedule
1/29/2022Spring 2022 Full Schedule
12/23/2021Disciplinary Actions against Players and captains of United Texas Cricket Club:
11/14/2021Roles and Responsibilities on Rental Umpiring
11/13/2021Discipline to be followed on cricket field
11/12/2021Disciplinary Actions against Players and captains of Panthers Cricket Club, BCA, Lonestar Cricket Cl
9/13/2021Disciplinary Actions against Plano Stars team and their Captain / Player
3/31/2021Disciplinary Actions against Black Hawks tape ball team and their Captain / Player
3/25/2021LAW 24.5 - NO-Ball - Foot-Faults
3/24/2021Play Off Schedule Spring 2021
3/23/2021Disciplinary action against cricketers in DLCL Spring League 2021
2/5/2021Spring 2021 Full Schedule
1/27/2021DCL-DLCL Fall 2021 Trophy List
1/25/2021Summer 2021 Full Schedule
1/24/2021Spring 2021 Trophy list
1/13/2021Fall 2021 Playoffs Schedule
1/11/2021Fall 2021 Full Schedule
1/9/2021Summer 2021 Trophy list
11/13/2020DCL/DLCL/DYCL Certified Umpire List - Updated 11/13/2020
11/6/2020Trophy list for 2020 Special Tournament
9/7/2020DCL Special League 2020 Full Schedule
2/19/2020Spring 2020 Full Schedule
1/16/2020Spring 2020 Chauka Coordinator list
1/2/2020Fall 2019 Trophy List
12/22/2019Umpiring Seminar 12/14/2019 Results
11/8/2019Disciplinary action against Cignatures and Tigers XI team players
9/16/2019Fall 2019 - Full Schedule
8/16/2019Disciplinary action against cricketers in DLCL Summer League 2019
7/18/2019DCL/DLCL/T30 Spring 2019 - Trophy List
6/24/2019Summer 2019 - Full Schedule
6/23/2019DLCL Umpiring Seminar on June 23rd 2019
5/6/2019Spring playoffs schedule for week 5/18-5/19
3/1/2019Fall 2018 Trophy List
2/18/2019Spring 2019 Full Schedule
9/22/2018Fall 2018 - Full Schedule
6/15/2018Summer 2018 Full Spring Schedule
3/6/2018Spring 2018 Full Spring Schedule
3/3/2018List of Trophies for Fall 2017 - DCL/DLCL
2/4/2018Spring 2019 Phase 1, 2, 3 Schedule
12/14/2017DCL/DLCL Summer Schedule for August 19-20th Week
10/3/2017DLCL/DCL Fall 2017 Complete Schedule
9/14/2017List of Trophies for Summer 2017 - DCL/DLCL
9/14/2017List of Trophies for Spring 2017 - DCL/DLCL
8/20/2017Complete Summer 2017 DCL / DLCL Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
7/31/2017Disciplinary action against cricketers in DLCL Summer League 2017
6/23/2017Disciplinary action against cricketers in DLCL Summer League 2017
6/5/2017DLCL Team Selection Trials for CUPL 2017
5/3/2017First Weekend Schedule for DCL/DLCL Summer League 2017
3/30/2017List of Trophies for Fall 2016 - DCL/DLCL
3/1/2017Complete Spring 2017 DCL / DLCL Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
2/8/2017First Weekend Schedule for DCL/DLCL Spring League 2017
1/5/2017DLCL Spring League registration
9/26/2016Complete DCL/DLCL Fall 2016 Schedule
9/14/2016List of Trophies for Summer 2016 - DCL/DLCL
9/2/2016DCL Jaguars [Team for September 2016 Central USA Premier League]
8/16/2016Umpiring Seminar on Saturday August 20th 2016
6/6/2016DFW Independence Cup 2016
5/19/2016Complete Summer 2016 Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
4/29/2016Central US Premier League -2016 Schedule and drawing.xlsx
4/12/2016 DCL Intercity Qualifier 2016
2/19/2016Complete Spring 2016 Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
2/18/2016Umpiring Seminar on Sunday February 28th 2016
2/8/2016Umpiring Seminar on Sunday February 14th 2016
9/21/2015Complete DCL/DLCL Fall 2015 Schedule
9/2/2015Law 24.5 - No-ball - Foot-faults
7/26/2015Umpiring Seminar on August 2nd 2015
6/25/2015DfwT20 Independence Cup
6/17/2015DfwT20 Independence Cup
5/26/2015Complete Summer 2015 Schedule Published DCL and DLCL -updated 06/04/2015
5/12/2015PlayOffs Spring 2015 Schedule Tape/Leather Ball -Updated
4/27/2015DLCL Summer League 2015
4/19/2015Batting and Bowling Statistics for DCL and DLCL Auction List for BIS DLCL Champions League 2015
4/17/2015Auction List for BIS DLCL Champions League 2015
4/10/2015BIS DLCL Champions League 2015
3/2/2015Download VoxWaves App developed by ThemeSoft
2/2/2015Complete Spring 2015 Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
1/26/2015Chauka Cheat Sheet (Good Tips for All the IOS Users)
1/26/2015Chauka Cheat Sheet (Good Tips for All the Android Users)
11/7/2014DCL/DLCL Timings Changed Fall 2014 !!! See Details
9/25/2014Blue Star Cricket Club v/s Force Eleven match incident - Disciplinary Action
9/10/2014List of Trophies for Summer 2014 (All Divisions)
9/8/2014Complete Fall Schedule 2014 Tape Ball and Leather Ball
9/2/2014First Weeks Fall Schedule 2014 Tape Ball and Leather Ball
8/21/2014DCL Tape Ball Extravaganza (Labor Day Weekend August 30th/31st)
6/16/2014List of Trophies for Spring 2014
5/29/2014Complete Summer 2014 Schedule Published Tape/Leather Ball
4/24/2014SUMMER 2014 Tournament: Registration OPEN!
1/30/2014Complete Spring 2014 Schedule Published Leather Ball
1/16/2014DCL/DLCL 2nd Umpiring Seminar January Sunday 19th 2013
9/5/2013Phase 2 Schedule for Fall Leather ball league Read details
9/2/2013Attention !!! :- Schedule Scrapped New Schedule will be published Soon !!! (See Details)
7/21/2003DLCL DLCL Ground Contacts
1/1/2003Fill the Survey to resume Cricket in DYCL/DCL/DLCL
9/4/2001Summer Awards
8/21/2001Spring Awards
7/28/2000Chauka Login / Passwords for All the Teams
7/18/2000DCL/DLCL/T30 Spring 2019 - Trophy List
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